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Material quality: The coat is 304 stainless steel, the water jacket is the high compression casting aluminum tube, the red copper coil.
Voltaget: AC 220v
Frequencies: 400Hz
radial runout:0.01mm
Proper alignment: 0.025mm (2.5 microns)
The ER20 cartridge
nut model: ER20-A(B) (filament)
coolant conditions: Water cycle coolant conditions Power
source connection: Selects the GX16 waterproofing aviation connection, in the connection has 1,2,3,4 labelling, 1,2,3 meet the frequency changer power source separately, 4 meet the frequency changer grounding lubrication
application: Advertisement engraving machines,wood engraving machine
CNC machine , small machining center, supercentrifuge and so on
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